The Glass House

In 1989, as the iron curtain began crumbling, Karen and I took great interest in the events taking place there, realizing that the as the doors of freedom opened, so did the freedom to preach the Gospel for the first time in our lifetime. We, together with many others, began to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers to that harvest, little realizing that He would answer that by calling us! By 1992, through the Lord’s leading and providing, we began plans to serve in Poland, and were commissioned and sent by Clear Springs Baptist Church (formerly known as Cantonment Baptist Church), an independent Baptist Church in the Pensacola, Florida area. By September of 1993, we were on full-time deputation, and arrived in Krakow in July of 1997. We came to work with Darrell and Glenda Johnson, and have served with them in Krakow since. In recent years, we have seen the chartering of Chrześcijański Zbór Wolnych Baptystów (Christian Church of the Independent [or free] Baptists), here in Krakow. But you can learn all about what we’ve been doing on our blog.

What you should know

Telephone: (850) 266-7907

in Krakow: 011-48 (12) 417-4146

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